How To Make B2B Explainer Video To Boost Your Business

How To Make B2B Explainer Video To Boost Your Business

A b2b explainer video is an excellent tool because it combines visual and audio signals, far more potent than text.


People prefer to watch videos rather than read long text passages.

According to eMarketer data, when it comes to online business b2b explainer video is also the fastest-growing ad kind on the internet and has become a trend among businesses.


B2b explainer video conveys a product better than any other medium, as video is the most effective way to express something.

A video has visual assistance, which most individuals use to learn. A b2b explainer video is also more time-efficient in transmitting a message or information because of the mix of images and detailed voice-over or text.


What Is B2B Explainer Video? 

Explainer videos are a great method to generate awareness and traffic to your website. When the features of an animated explainer film are designed to attract your target audience. In business b2b explainer video can be a powerful platform for developing brand trust. Explainer films are usually 90-second animated cartoons that explain what your organization does, offers, and produces. 


Many agencies like Britain Animations offer a wide range of animated video services as well. The video that this agency provides is a clear picture of what the firm is all about. In a 90-second captivating story-driven storyline, it also explains the perks and how it truly works.


But, how you can make a perfect b2b explainer video? Well in this blog we will show you a guide. And what are the essential elements of making an animated b2b explainer video? So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start 


Easiest Way To Develop A b2b Explainer Video

Before we get started with our step-by-step instructions, remember to keep your expectations in check.

Our objective is to assist you in producing a film for a few hundred dollars or less, thus the performance will vary.

Although b2b explainer video might help you increase conversion rates, be realistic about your capacity to replicate the case studies described earlier.


Start With Creating An Engaging Script

With this advice, you can save money while making the greatest b2b explainer video possible: Make up your own story.

Whether you can able to employ a writer or not, you should create the script yourself. Nobody understands your product and consumers better than you. The better your conversion rates are, the more the content in the script connects with viewers.


Understanding The Concept Of Storyboard 

The storyboard is an essential element of the pre-production phase since it shows how the plot will flow and how your shots will function together. It also helps you to see possible issues that might otherwise go undiscovered, saving you time and money in the long run.


Creating a storyboard can help your b2b explainer video to plan out a detailed plan for the video's development, containing information on the most important criteria.

Storyboards are necessary because they assist studios in defining the bounds of a tale within the constraints of available materials and time.


Selecting Soothing Voiceovers 

For this phase, you must first decide who will be your company's 'voice.' The fact is that practically any voice may be effective. The way they deliver the script is crucial. You want the reader to have the correct mindset for your business, product, or service.


Once you've decided on voice talent, record the screenplay in a recording studio or a very quiet place with a high-quality microphone and recording software. Adobe Audition is a program that may be used to record audio. If you want a free option, Audacity is another excellent option that simply accomplishes the task.


Always Prioritize Graphics, Colors, And Other Assets 

This is when you collect or create pictures, icons, and other animated video assets. If you're doing a talking top, screencast, or whiteboard video, you'll set up and complete these recordings.


This process can be intimidating, and you may feel inclined to hire outside designers or videographers at this point. The fact is that this isn't always necessary.


There's no need for too intricate graphics–simple, clear visuals that describe the concept clearly will help the audience remain focused on the key message and avoid being sidetracked.


Gather Every Thing For The Development 

Now that you've acquired the necessary supplies, it's time to create a masterpiece. Begin a project in your preferred video editor. Because this step is somehow considered as the last step. You have to be very clear and specific about your content. Creating the first draft of your project and sharing it with coworkers or stakeholders for evaluation is typically a smart idea.


Publish And Review Your Work 

It's time to make and distribute the video after it's finished and has received all essential approvals. That entails determining where the video will be hosted. The freedom of where you may put the video and performance data are two important components of hosting. However, there are many platforms where you can host your video. Let’s discuss a few of them. 

  • Youtube: YouTube is a very popular video hosting platform. They provide all of the tools you'll need to get the video online, embed it in your website or another area, and measure the number of interaction metrics that are crucial to determining the video's success. YouTube also offers the advantage of making your video discoverable, which means that when it fits a user's interests, it will appear in search results and suggested videos.
  • Wistia: Wistia is great for hosting videos and presenting them on a website or blog, but it lacks the findability of a YouTube video.


Final Words 

The benefit of an explainer video is that it allows you to employ tone and vocabulary that is appropriate for your target audience. You may use comedy to captivate your audience and keep your brand top-of-mind.


Writing a nice, witty screenplay might be the most effective approach to communicate your message and ensure that your audience remembers it. When your audience thinks your video is entertaining, they promote it with their friends and family, and everyone has a good laugh. This is how you increase your exposure.

When you use humor in your explainer video, your message will feel less like advertising. However, not every comedy can help you improve your video performance.

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